Billie and I had hired Christine to come by 3 times a day to check and take care of our 5 pets (2 dogs and 3 cats). Not only did she provide excellent service but she also performed Reiki on our beloved Buddy as he is a rescue with apparently a troubled past. Even one of our cats that hides from almost everyone… came out and felt very comfortable with Christine. We hope to use her again and again!

– – – –

My family and I have known Christine for 4 years and during this time have seen tremendous progress in her work with our pets, especially our senior Siamese, Hachi.

Hachi was found in the gutter, hit by a car, at 8 months of age – we were unsure whether he would make it and his eye was lost in the process. Over the years, especially as he has graduated into his teens, Hachi’s body aches increased. Since 2008 we had been treating him with quality western medicine treatments prescribed by doctors from California to Colorado. At best these treatments relieved symptoms but ultimately taxed his body’s systems.

Christine has been performing energy work on Hachi intermittently since we have known her – the most notable work has been her most recent in April of 2013.

I asked Christine if she would visit my pets while we were on vacation and during this time she worked with specifically with Hachi, who had been exhibiting anxiety in his actions, his eating habits, self barbing and howling at night. Hachi’s senior blood panel has never reflected too much concern for organ function and prescribed treatments for these behaviors were not improving over time.

Upon our return home, we found our baby boy to be much more at ease – we observed less of the anxious eating, his hair began to grow back in and we have heard no howling at night since April 16, the night of our return. Hachi seems more comfortable in his skin these days and seems content with being a cat again.

Christine’s work has been significant to returning a balance to our home life and patterns through her work with Hachi.